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Words About Stuff

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Episode 30: Mini explanatory update
May 27, 2016

Episode 030: Mini explanatory update – show notes Hey guys! Well.. It’s official. Because of work related reasons, Rob D will not be able to be a part of this silly podcast thing going forward. So we’re trying to figure … Continue

Episode 29: The stuff that was was
April 07, 2016

Episode 029: The stuff that was was – show notes IT’S FARLEY’S BIRTHDAY!!! And it looks like season one of Words About Stuff is IN THE CAN!!! This isn’t going to be a “regular” episode folks. We don’t have any &#

Episode 28: Cow flop chat bot banana plop
March 31, 2016

Episode 028: Cow flop chat bot banana plop – show notes APRIL FOOLS!!!! (guess who the fools are) Jamie and Farley welcome guest host Billy MacLellan back to the show this week! The show opens with Billy’s story of shooting … Continue r

Episode 27: Steve bails early
March 25, 2016

Episode 027: Steve bails early – show notes Welcome to the strangest episode yet. Serves us right trying to record one on a full moon. Rob D is off on assignment and has had to step away from the show … Continue reading →

Episode 26: A VR ASMR Therapy session
March 18, 2016

Episode 026: VR ASMR Therapy – show notes Welcome to episode 26 of Words About Stuff. We’ve been doing this for 26 weeks now. That’s six months people! Insane…. [0:33] The show opens with Rob’s tattoo deposit story. Rob D &#

Episode 25: Rob wasn’t in Utah
March 11, 2016

Episode 025: Rob wasn’t in Utah – show notes Rob D is back for episode 25 of Words About Stuff! As the show opens, Rob tells us about his excursion to Utah last week to talk to the good people … Continue reading →

Episode 24: The virtual guest host
March 04, 2016

Episode 024: The virtual guest host – show notes Welcome to episode 24 of Words About Stuff. Rob’s not here… It’s crazy. What do we do? Can we do this? SHOULD we do this?!!? We think Rob will be back … Continue reading &#859

Episode 23: A clean you can feel!
February 26, 2016

Episode 023: A clean you can feel! – show notes Welcome to episode 23 of Words About Stuff. Better late than never? We open the show my talking about merkins. They are basically pubic toupees. How do they stay in … Continue reading →

Episode 22: Trumplandia
February 19, 2016

Episode 022: Trumplandia – show notes Imagine a world where The Donald is the President of the United States. He changes the name of the country to Trumplandia and kicks everyone out that doesn’t have orange hair. It could happen. … Con

Episode 21: The Valentine Krampus
February 12, 2016

Episode 021: The Valentine Krampus – show notes This podcast can now drink legally in the United States. Rob is in a Valentine’s Day, gift giving mood. Deadpool tickets and replacement Lightning cables abound! It’s a beautiful thing. Th