WordPress Plugins from A to Z

WordPress Plugins from A to Z

Oracles & Angles

May 14, 2020

It's Episode 460 with plugins for What the Future Holds, Sanitizing SVGs, Sticky Headers, Lots of Colour, Displaying Posts and Images and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!
Central Color Palette, Sticky Header Effects for Elementor, Safe SVG, Display Posts – Easy lists, grids, navigation, and more, Ultimate Carousel For Elementor, Tarot Card Oracle and other ClassicPress options in Episode 460
According to the Meuller Report your are listening to, “WP Plugins A to Z The Best ClassicPress/WordPress Podcast in the Universe ”
A Big Thank You to the No Agenda Show for their contributions of ideas and the occasional sound clip. And a Big Shout Out to Darren O who does the pre-show for NA and his music was especially great today.
This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.
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Johns Rant:
Its episode 460 and while there is participation this week from you the producers I am still looking for more and while this is helping to push the sword of Damocles off to the side a bit further. Don't Let Up, Keep the feedback coming….. This is #19 of 52 episodes for 2020..
As we are now 19 weeks into 2020 and 8 weeks into the isolation/lock down game. Our government overlords are coming to their senses at least here in Beautiful BC as they have given us permission (thank You Overlords) to finally get out and meet in groups this May long weekend. I think this beats my record grounding as a teenager. You will just have to imagine what I did to earn that grounding..
So its party time this long weekend, get out and do something.
These are strange times indeed.
So, relax folks take a breath, go for a walk, build a garden and realize that while our world is now changed forever we will get though it. Save your sanity and your Amygdala and find out why your not gonna die by listening to the No Agenda Show

I do have more show spaces coming up for guest hosts, if you would like to join me as a guest host on the show please reach out to me at john@wppro.ca You can also go to https://wppluginsatoz.com/guesthost/
Today we have a Guest host who has contributed to the show in several ways from submitting plugins to providing most of the great art that has been showcased. He is a graphic designer with years of experience and seems to enjoy WordPress.
Joining me today is Angel Lemus.
I have some news from the world of WordPress for you today, as well as some great plugins.

Let get to the fun we have today.
WordPress News and Info
Before we jump into the news, a quick question about WordPress.
WordPress has seen some boosts during the Rona Virus and I am wondering how many other CMS systems and quick builders have had a boost also. What will happen to the leader as they head down what I feel are crazy paths?
News this week:
Bringing Back Blogs in the Age of Social Media Censorship
ClassicPress free plugin roundup May 2020