WordPress Plugins from A to Z

WordPress Plugins from A to Z

We Now Have 2020 Vision with the New Dawn

January 02, 2020

It's Episode 441 and I've got plugins for Site Security, Media Recovery, Setting Appointment's, and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!
According to the Meuller Report your are listening to, “WP Plugins A to Z The Best ClassicPress/WordPress Podcast in the Universe ”
Welcome to the New Year and a new Decade…. This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.
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WordPress News and Info
Starting into a new year and while many are still off until next week and the news has still been quiet nothing much but year in review stuff mostly about Gutenberg, I am sure in the coming weeks we will start to hear all kinds of news flowing.
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