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Word on the Go

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TOTAL RECALL 2019 | Teen Mental Health Part 2
January 19, 2020

Paul Keegan and Tom Tate look at how our mind work and our how mental frameworks effect our health and well being.. - Recorded on Saturday at 4.30pm in the Hatch. -   -  

TOTAL RECALL 2019 | Teen Mental Health with Tom Tate & Paul Keegan
January 16, 2020

Over in the Hatch venue we had a very interesting series of seminars and workshops addressing issues of mental health - what could be more topical! -   - Subscribe on iTunes here: - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/word-on-the-go/id1334953701?

Total Recall 2019 | Money matters – Robin Kee & Rory Barton
November 13, 2019

Moving on, getting a job and a student loan and life's all about the dolla dolla....but how on earth do I look after it? In this seminar, Robin and Rory share their experience, expertise and great practical tips on how to make every penny count when yo...

Total Recall 2019 | Sharing your faith without losing your friends – Scott Evans
November 11, 2019

Scott is the Church of Ireland chaplain at UCD and gives us some invaluable insights about how we can share the gospel story in a natural and unforced context.

Total Recall 2019 | Joshua Luke-Smith | Mainstage Friday PM
November 06, 2019

Joshua kicked off the festival in 2019 with a powerful presentation of God's love and grace and the challenge to follow Him. Here is the first mainstage talk of '19. -   - Subscribe on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.

Episode 120 | Is the Bible sexist? | Total Recall 2018 | Rose Lynas
October 04, 2019

Rose Lynas explores some of the issues that have often been raised around the attitudes displayed in scripture towards women. (Glenarm 2018)

Total Recall 2019 – Tuesday Morning Mainstage | Tre Sheppard
July 16, 2019

What a great way to bring Madness 2019 to a close. Tre wrapped up the festival perfectly and gave another great teaching to digest on the way home.

Total Recall 2019 – Monday Night Mainstage | Rachel Gardner
July 02, 2019

Rachel killed it yet again. On Monday night she spoke being in awe of God, Moses and being comfortable in your own skin. Make sure you give it a listen.

Total Recall 2019 – Monday Morning Mainstage | Rachel Gardner
July 02, 2019

A firm favourite at Summer Madness, Rachel was back on mainstage this year. Her open, honest and vulnerable style is so engaging.

Total Recall 2019 – Sunday Night Mainstage | Tim Chaddick
July 02, 2019

Tim brought a powerful message of redemption and grace on Sunday night and he crushed it. The atmosphere in the big top was incredible.