CompTIA Women TechCast

CompTIA Women TechCast

Vitality in the Workplace with Rachel McGuinness

December 11, 2019

Healthy employees are productive and happier around the office — tangible results that leaders in organizations should take seriously, said Rachel McGuinness, chief vitality officer at her London company, Wake Up With Zest. “Healthier employees do improve the bottom line in the company and customers get a better experience, too,” she said.

In this episode, McGuinness, a member of CompTIA’s UK Community, talks with AWIT Community Leader Kathleen Martin about why employee health matters to the business overall and personal health related to business. Listen to hear how the 80/20 rule applies to your lunch routine, some old habits to ditch right now and how to do just enough exercise to make it count. “I brand myself the laziest personal trainer in the UK,” said McGuinness.

Tune in for her tips on how to stay healthy while you travel, even when you’re faced with endless buffet lines, and what kind of earplugs McGuinness trusts for travel. “They’re cheap as chips and they work really well,” she said. Subscribe to the Women TechCast on your favorite podcast app, and learn more about the Advancing Women in Technology Community on the new app from