The WNC Souper Party

The WNC Souper Party

The WNCSP After School Special w/ the Return of Ol' Man Jenkins. (And Papa Dave Yells at Mike (CBTN) Smith)

April 03, 2020

In an episode of your WNCSP that can only be percieved as 700Club level inspirational, the "Originalest" WNC alum, Jenkins returns to educate, inspire and laugh with us. Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be Thy Name) Smith, and Luke Birch are along for the festivities. And in what may be the WNCSP's most provocative moments ever, Papa Dave yells at Mike. And it was tremendous! So saddle-up Sunshine and let's ride!

@thedavesincere (WNCSP Official Twitter)
@thewncnetwork (Mike)
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