The New WNC Podcast

The New WNC Podcast

When The WNCSP Does Wrestling, We Do it Right! w/ Special Superguest The Mucho Macho

March 20, 2020

Land-a-goshin' people di we have a party on this edition of your WNCSP. The usual suspects were here, Papa Dave, Mike (confusion be thy name) Smith, and, as we were #JohnyFree, luke doing our tech. We began with our usual shenanigans, and then as if the pod-gods smiled on us, old friends Scott Greer of It's Pathetic w/ Scott & Ryyebread jump in along with resident wrestling raconteur, Mucho Macho! #AEW #WWE and other stuff were discussed. Our Mucho is an amazing,insightful commentator. 
You'll love the flow Sunshine!
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