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World Music Foundation Podcast

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Pamyua: The Most Famous Inuit Band In The World
July 29, 2019

Pamyua’s musical footprint, spanning two decades and several countries, is a testament to the ongoing vibrancy of Inuit music, the group members, and their unique heritage. Brothers Phillip and Stephen Blanchett speak from the heart on issues of...

Zeshan B: Chicago-Born Opera-Trained Indian Muslim Soul Singer
July 04, 2019

“It’s all laid out there; it’s your soul.”

Strunz & Farah: Costa Rican-Iranian Global Fusion Guitar Duo
June 24, 2019

"It evolves out of the guitar, and out of our individual cultures"

Aashish Khan - Living Legend of Indian Classical Music and Master of Sarode
June 17, 2019

Indian Classical Musician and Jazz Fusion Pioneer

Paramount Records: the Rise, Fall, and Resurrection
May 29, 2019

Blues music history that was nearly lost

Dave Pietro, American Jazz Saxophonist
May 28, 2019

NYC Jazz scene mainstay shares his worldwide influences