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Wireless Watchdog

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Wireless Watchdog-29-12-2018 Ken's People # 3
December 28, 2018

Kenny speaks with Alexandra Davids about her year that was, and then look at news stories in The Year That Was

Wireless Watchdog-28-12-2018 Ken's People # 2
December 27, 2018

Kenny speaks with Roz Mason about Londonlife, Christmas traditions, equality, Brexit and 2019

Wireless Watchdog-27-12-2018 Ken's People # 1
December 26, 2018

Kenny speaks with Tim Withell about the year that was, and to James Poole from TfL about Thought Of The Day boards in London

Wireless Watchdog-08-03-2018 The Curtain Call
March 07, 2018

On this final episode Kenny speaks with Suzanne McNabb from UN women about International Women's Day and then we take a trip down memory lane

Wireless Watchdog-22-02-2018 End of Life Choice Bill and 7 Year Earthquake Anniversary
February 21, 2018

Kenny speaks with David Seymour, Leader of the Act Party about his end of Life Choice Bill, and then to Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner on the 7th anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake

Wireless Watchdog-08-02-2018 Hearts in Healthcare and Shampoo in Boxes
February 07, 2018

Kenny speaks with Dr Robin Youngson about his Hearts in Healthcare project then to Brianne West about her business Ethique

Wireless Watchdog-25-01-2018 The Science of Earthquakes
January 24, 2018

Kenny speaks to GNS Duty Seismologist Bill Fry about the science behind New Zealand's earthquakes.

Wireless Watchdog-11-01-2018 Best of 2017
January 10, 2018

We look back at the yeat that was 2017

Wireless Watchdog-21-12-2017 Hon.Chris Hipkins_Jaz Josland
December 20, 2017

Hon. Chris Hipkins (Minister of Education) on the "fees free" scheme, and local performer Jaz Josland

Wireless Watchdog-07-12-2017 Re-opening of Christchurch Adventure Park
December 06, 2017

Kenny speaks with Sheena Crawford about the re-opening of the Christchurch Adventure Park