Scott Wintrip: High Velocity Hiring

Scott Wintrip: High Velocity Hiring

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3 Steps That Will Improve the Productivity of Your Recruiting or Staffing Team
May 21, 2019

Are you struggling to improve the productivity of your recruiting or staffing team? Struggle no more because in this episode I’ve got 3 steps that will make that problem go away and stay away.

Here’s How to Get Staffing Salespeople to Book More Business
April 25, 2019

Do you ever wonder why your salespeople aren’t hitting their revenue or profit targets? Or why salespeople in other firms are outperforming the people on your team? In this episode I tackle both questions and show you how to get the salespeople on your...

Great Leaders Have No Rules
April 03, 2019

Some people believe rules were made to be broken…then there’s New York Times Best Selling Author Kevin Kruse. He states that great leaders have no rules. Kevin is my special guest in this episode. We discuss changes that HR leaders, staffing pros,

Improving Employee Engagement Often Starts With a Divorce
March 27, 2019

Do you struggle with letting people go? You’re not alone. Many leaders have some level of discomfort when it comes to firing someone. Yet, this uncomfortable responsibility is frequently what’s needed to improve employee engagement. In this episode,

Why Social Media Has Failed Recruiting (and What You Can Do to Make it Work Better for You)
February 27, 2019

Companies spend lots of money and effort recruiting on social media but that investment isn’t paying off like it should. Why that’s the case and how you can get the most from social media is the subject of this episode.

An Unexpected Way to Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring Process
February 13, 2019

Process improvement is an important leadership responsibility. This episode features a method for improving your recruiting and hiring process…a method many leaders haven’t yet considered.

What Recruiters Should Invest Their Time in This Year
February 06, 2019

Time is more precious than money, so how recruiters invest their time should be a top priority. In this episode, I share one of the most important ways to invest time this year.

Want to Fill More Staffing Orders? Change This One Thing
January 30, 2019

I’m frequently asked how staffing and recruitment providers can fill open job orders when there aren’t enough people to fill them. I answer that question in this episode and also provide specific details for firms of different sizes.

Want Better Results From Your Applicant Tracking System? Here’s Some Expert Advice
January 16, 2019

Concrete advice combined with some blunt commentary. That’s what you’ll hear in this conversation with Doug Coull, Founder and CEO of APS, the makers of SmartSearch. According to Doug, having a better ATS experience requires that staffing companies cha...

Leading Change: How to Go from Being an A-hole to an A-Player
August 10, 2017

Every leader has to drive some type of change from time to time. Because changing things makes people uncomfortable, it’s common that leaders are viewed negatively, even when whatever is being changed is in the best interest of everyone.