Win-grin Podcast: Support The Community. Grow Your Brand

Win-grin Podcast: Support The Community. Grow Your Brand

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It’s Not Clickbait If It Delivers With Jared Polin
March 01, 2022

When it comes to creating online content to YouTube, no one really knows how the algorithm works. You just need to make your videos “clickbaity” without it actually being clickbait. You can have a good headline but you have to actually deliver some value

How Curiosity Transforms Lives With Alberto Hernandez
February 22, 2022

What’s the first step in learning something? You have to be interested, immersed, and curious about it. This is how Alberto Hernandez got to where he is today. Alberto is the Chief Growth Officer for Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi and boasts 18 years of ma

Modernizing Your Marketing Strategy With Andy Rebhun
February 15, 2022

A solid product can only get you so far when your marketing strategy is falling behind the times. In the digital age, understanding what your consumers need is vital. Andy Rebhun is the Senior Vice President Digital and Marketing Officer at El Pollo

The Culture Of Giving Back: On Asian Box’s Community-Involvement And Leadership With Chuck Imerson
February 08, 2022

Success is best shared. Every successful business owner knows this to be true, and Evan Brandoff has the guest to prove that in this episode. He interviews Chuck Imerson, the CEO of Asian Box, about the business processes in his fast-casual Viet

The Power Of Tying Marketing To Sports With Josh Spiegelman
February 01, 2022

Sports is a force so powerful it can transcend beyond just fans themselves. That's why tying marketing and sports together offers so much more than just sales and advertising. Evan Brandoff is joined by Josh Spiegelman, SVP of Entertainment and Sports par

How JG Wentworth Got Us Singing "Call 877 Cash Now" In The Shower With Ken Murray
January 25, 2022

Remember the catchy J.G. Wentworth jingle that got everyone singing in the shower? Well, today's guest is Ken Murray, the hands-on marketing and digital leader responsible for creating several ground-breaking and award-winning TV and digital spots wh

Local Marketing Before It Was "Cool" With Justin Bartek
January 18, 2022

Local marketing is one of the best ways to market to your audience. Creating that one-to-one relationship with your audience can really help bring up your brand. Evan Brandoff brings in Justin Bartek to share how he did local marketing before it was

Mike Rideout On Coaching, Sales, And Career Development For The Youth
January 11, 2022

Engaging in sports is a large part of most children’s formative years. How they are coached through that process also has a great impact on how they grow up. In today’s episode, Mike Rideout shares his perspective on youth sports and the importa

Finding Your Balance: Taking Care Of Your Mental Health With Tom Ferguson
January 04, 2022

Finding your balance in life is tougher than it seems. With many challenges today, what can you do to ensure your mental and physical health? In this episode, Evan Brandoff looks into this question as he talks to the Chief Executive Officer of Rise Southe

The Importance Of Brand Architecture And Customer Relationships With Mark Mears
December 14, 2021

Marketing and ad campaigns rely heavily on your target audience and brand architecture. You have to make your customers feel like guests and build on that relationship. Everything else comes second because it all starts with your brand and guests. Join Ev