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Winging It | Midlife | Part 2: Ready or Not, Here I Am
January 29, 2020

Ready or not, here I am. In part two of our Winging It: Midlife series, I dive into learning to be okay with putting myself and my new projects out into the world.

Winging It | Midlife | Part 1: Introduction
January 14, 2020

When I started Winging It back in 2015, my son Blaze was just two years old. At that time, I wanted to document becoming a parent while working full-time, all while attempting to do all the things. Since launching the podcast almost five years ago, a...

Winging It: Episode 22: Dream On, Part Two
June 07, 2019

In the second part of our deep dive into dream-making, I sit down with Dan Pilver who is one of the founders and owners of Magic Number. If you’re not familiar with Dan’s company, Magic Number creates craft-brewed, cannabis-infused...

Winging It: Episode 21: Dream On, Part One
May 24, 2019

I believe we all have dreams within us that wish to be birthed. Dreams that are tapping their feet annoyed, exclaiming, “I’m waiting. What’s the hold-up? Hey you, do you not see me over here?” Sometimes we use excuses like, “I don’t have...

Winging It: Episode 20: Learning to Lean Into the Universe
April 30, 2019

In this episode, we re-visit what exactly Winging It means. Winging It is about preparing your heart-out and putting your full self out there. Then, it’s about surrendering it all. It’s about giving your all, and then, letting it all go. It’s...

Winging It: Episode 19: Life in a Straitjacket
February 02, 2018

Beneath all the labels and stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, is where I believe, we will find who we truly really are—and this is where we will find true happiness. To me, a straitjacket is a great metaphor that represents human beings...

Winging It: Episode 18: Death, Life's Greatest Teacher
January 25, 2018

Throughout my life, I've realized that my biggest teacher and companion in life has been death. It's when I ponder my own mortality, that I am most able to gain perspective, wisdom, and inspiration to live more open, more fully, and more alive. I...

Winging It: Episode 16: With Love, To My Younger Self
March 22, 2017

A love letter to my younger self. 

Winging It: Episode 15: Life is Messy
February 25, 2017

On our road trip out to our new home, I started thinking about the idea that life is messy.And, the more I thought about it, the better I felt. Then, I met author Michael A. Singer, and it all starte