wineandtrashtalk's podcast

wineandtrashtalk's podcast

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Michael Plays Us Music, Episode 219
January 30, 2017

Michael visits on the show and plays us music! :D :D 

Getting Divorced, Episode 218
January 10, 2017

Someone is getting divorced. Gym rants and a rant about head lice (because omg, wtf) -- all this and moooore! Happy 2017! 

Rubbing on the sacred stones, episode 217
December 13, 2016

ON TONIGHT'S EPISODE... Rachel discusses whether or not vitamin D has helped her seasonal depression, Jennifer Lawrence is still a B*$%& (according to Pam), and we touch on the topic of relationships AND MOOORE. 

Pam is back!, Episode 216
December 11, 2016

Pam is back from Laos. She experienced a lot. Rachel was super annoyed by internet parents in her absence. Seriously, pull it together, internet parents. 

"You're Fucked Up", Episode 214
November 08, 2016

It's election night and Pam and Rachel actually had a bit of a serious conversation where they disagreed... -GASP- Facebook negativity is becoming too much for Rachel. Rachel found an old painting Pam made in 2001 and spoiler alert: Pam was emo. All...

Shut up, Ben Higgins, Episode 213
November 01, 2016

Rachel and Pam go out (separately) this past weekend and remember exactly why they enjoy the 30 year old+ life. Rachel puts her snapchat info on Twitter and guys take exactly 1 second before messaging her. Ben Higgins won't shut up, and also, why was...

Kliff is probably gay, Episode 212
October 25, 2016

This is episode 50! We're impressed with our dedication. We're NOT impressed with the Kim Kardashian robbery costume or the Walmart Suicide costume. We're also not impressed with Justin Timberlake (we thought we were fans but it turns out we're not?),...

Texas Tech LOST, Episode 211
October 11, 2016

We're back from Manhattan and TTU lost. Pam had to throw her dress away, Topeka is dirty, and Tori Spelling is pregnant again. WHAT?! And the second debate was out of CONTROL. 

Oh the Humanity. No really, what's going on with Humanity?, Epi 210
October 04, 2016

Low-key commenting on our friends FB drama -- who says you deserve the best?!, Kim K was robbed and people online were assholes about it, and creepy clowns are apparently a thing now. This was actual TRASH TALK, the way it's meant to be.