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Wine & Song

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Wine & Song podcast 17
July 30, 2020

07.29.20 Features Jim Salestrom, Sarah Rogo, Clara Baker, Tony Lucca, Dale LaDuke, and Chauncey Bowers, plus Words with Chauncey: Big Data

Wine & Song podcast 16
July 09, 2020

07.08.20 Features The Talbott Brothers, Nathan & Jessie, Sheri Lee, Dean Miller, Gregory Page, Natalie Gelman, and David Starr, plus Words With Chauncey: Thoughts

Wine & Song podcast 15
July 02, 2020

07.01.20 Features Nathan McEuen, Chelsea Williams, Chi McClean, David Grow, Chauncey Bowers, Rosa Pullman with Mitch Grainger, Brad Colerick, plus Words with Chauncey: Speed of Light

Wine & Song podcast 14
June 25, 2020

06.24.20 Features Beth Wood, Bob Cheevers, a special surprise guest, Jude Johnstone, Chauncey Bowers, The Flood, plus Wine Tip with Chiara Shannon and Words with Chauncey: Sexual Cannibalism.

Wine & Song podcast 13
June 18, 2020

06.17.20 Features Annie Oakley, Tom Kell, Johanna Chase, Eric Schwartz, Gypsy Soul, Lisa Sanders, plus Words with Chauncey.

Wine & Song podcast 12
June 11, 2020

06.10.20 Features Joe Pug, Pretty Polly, Nels Andrews, Holly Bernt, Chauncey Bowers, Sally Dworsky, and Brad Colerick. Plus Words with Chauncey: Pavlov.

Wine & Song podcast 11
June 04, 2020

06.03.20 Features Jesse Loren Strickman, The Black Feathers, Alice Howe, Moira Smiley, Brad Colerick, Gerry Spehar, Billy Childs, and Words With Chauncey Bowers.

Wine & Song podcast 10
May 28, 2020

05.27.20 Features Kristin Mooney, Andy Tabb, TD Lind & Bernie Larsen, Lorin Hart, MILO, Wild Mountain Mystics, Words with Chauncey Bowers, and Wine Tip with Chiara Shannon.

Wine & Song podcast 09
May 21, 2020

05.20.20 Features Jodi Siegel, David Plenn, Daniel Neihoff, Catharine Beck, Poppa's Kitchen, Bliss Bowen, plus Words With Chauncey

Wine & Song podcast 08
May 14, 2020

05.13.20 Features GrĂ¡inne Hunt, Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman, Rob Laufer, Lipbone Redding, Chauncey Bowers, Sally Dworsky, Tom Corbett, Sofia Talvik, and Jeanne Newhall.