Wine & Song

Wine & Song

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Wine & Song podcast 33
December 09, 2020

12.09.20 Features Robinson & Rohe, Bryndle, Brothers Landau, Wild Ponies, Kevin Welch, Duff Ferguson, all topped with a bit of Jim’s Red Willow Chipotle sauce.

Wine & Song podcast 32
December 02, 2020

12.02.20 features Shawn Colvin, John Schmitt, CoolHouse, Chauncey Bowers, Jen Starsinic, Michael McNevin, and Rosa Pullman.

Wine & Song podcast 31
November 25, 2020

11.25.20 features Michael Johnson, Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards, Kate Wolf, Utah Phillips, Lowen & Navarro, and Richie Havens.

Wine & Song podcast 30
November 18, 2020

11.18.20 features Lipbone Redding, Justin Farren, Cynthia Carle, David Serby, Kirstin Proffit, Kerry Patrick Clark, and Loafer's Glory.

Wine & Song podcast 29
November 11, 2020

11.11.20 features Ernest Troost, Brendan James, Alice Wallace, Tony Gilkyson, Carlos Calvo, and Caroline Aiken (feat. Emily Sailers and John Keane)

Wine & Song podcast 28
October 28, 2020

10.28.20 Features Moira Smiley and Seamus Egan, ArtemesiaBlack, Bill Scorzari, Tom Kimmel, Michael Fracasso, and Aaron Childs.

Wine & Song podcast 27
October 14, 2020

10.14.20 features Ariana Gillis, Misner & Smith, Erik Stucky, Teresa James, Brad Colerick, Ben de la Cour, plus Words With Chauncey: the One Half Rule

Wine & Song podcast 26
September 30, 2020

09.30.20 features Raye Zaragoza, Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen, Dana Cooper with Shake Russell, Annalise Emerick, Iain Matthews, Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, plus a message from Blair Garner.

Wine & Song podcast 25
September 23, 2020

09.23.20 "Bold Women of Wine & Song" features Yosi Mesbah, Anne McCue, Johanna Chase, Teresa Tudury, Jude Johnstone, Sydney Sprague, and Nikki Talley, plus Wednesday Wine Tip with Chiara Shannon: Vincent Couche "Elegance" Extra Brut Champagne.

Wine & Song podcast 24
September 16, 2020

09.16.20 features PJ Olsson, John Statz, Celeste Krenz & Rebecca Folsom, Bettman & Halpin, Mojo Monkeys, and Brad Colerick.