Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Episode 14: The Young and the not so Restless

August 25, 2018

Wild and Free: A Battle Born podcast is a podcast that serves as a platform for non-profit professionals, social justice activists and community driven artists that are trying to make a difference in the Southern Nevada community. We will talk about the issues that matter and will motivate our fellow community members to get involved.

In this episode we are joined by Daigo and Patricia from the Young Nonprofit Professional Network of Southern Nevada (www.ynpnsouthernnevada.org). YNPN of Southern Nevada envisions a vibrant community of nonprofit professionals, who positively impact Southern Nevada through innovation, collaboration, and cultivation. They will be talking about the work of members in the community as well as how they see our community changing for the better.

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