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WIFA Waves

WIFA Waves Episode 41 | Rachel Young

December 03, 2021

On episode 41 of WIFA Waves, Jennifer and Morgan talk with WIFA Global Ambassador and L.E.A.D. alum, Rachel Young. As the Director of Business Development for Myzone (EMEA), Rachel Young has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, an industry she is very passionate about and committed to.

Rachel Young shares how she discovered her "Why" of getting people moving, her WIFA story and journey to becoming a WIFA Global Ambassador, and how she launched her website, Are You Supercharged. Listen to the full episode for some serious "why"speration! 

Keep up with Rachel Young! ↓

LinkedIn: Rachel Young

Email: rachel.young@myzone.org

Instagram: @AreYouSupercharged

Full transcript Available upon request.

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