Wandering the Aisles w/ Andy Farnsworth

Wandering the Aisles w/ Andy Farnsworth

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SN5:EP15 "Ham & Table"
July 24, 2020

A strolling inventory of the chicharrones, fresh spices, and Llama-cop piatas at the vibrant Lowe's Supermercado in Denver, CO. Comedian Adrian Mesa @mesathings gives @bambifransworth a crash course

SN5:EP14 "Disco Blood"
July 15, 2020

From Denver to LA via a Dropbox Homing pigeon, @sethandthecity collaborates with @bambifransworth on a very special @wanderingaisles. The show is comprised of two audio letters, a clip of one of Seth's greatest standup bits, and brand new music from...

SN5:EP13 "The Bachelor"
July 09, 2020

An afternoon with one of my real-deal, go-to friends here in Denver, Alex Elliott @alexelliottpics. And by afternoon, seriously, I mean the better part of an entire afternoon. Mostly Sprouts and us just talking in my truck. Verité podcasting. I...

SN5:EP12 "Sizzling with Sharad"
June 27, 2020

@Insanebrownposse (BK Sharad) joins Andy in the search for fatherly comedy affirmation, talks being brown in Colorado, and cooks bacon the entire time he's on the phone. There's considerable soul-searching, faltering, questionable monologue-ing in...

SN5:EP11 "Witch Target"
June 23, 2020

Ritualcraft (Target for Denver Witches) and Botanica Yemaya with massage therapist, hand witch, and healing artist, Abby Jane Palmer @abbyjanepalmer. We slash through the shame forests of our religious upbringings and find our way into the clearing of...

SN5:EP10 "The Edge of Denver"
June 17, 2020

What begins as a failed trip to REI for a hat, becomes Steve Vanderploeg @slumdogchillionaire giving @bambifransworth a surprise visit to the now-defunct "Dog the Bounty Hunter" retail store. We walk Sloan's Lake and find the solace of our earliest...

SN5:EP9 "But You White"
June 08, 2020

First, a fiercely compassionate and steely listener letter from Kisha Baskin--Andy's Junior High School friend who, maybe on accident, changed the direction of his life by telling him he was funny. And meant it.  Next, (you'll notice this episode...

SN5:EP8 "What We Hear"
June 04, 2020

@wanderingaisles went quiet last Wednesday out of respect for Black Lives Matter. Before we get back on schedule next week, I've put together a couple timely, stripped down episodes for today and Sunday in honor of George Floyd and BLM. A collage...

SN5:EP7 "A Brother Runs Through it"
May 24, 2020

The inimitable Eeland Stribling @blacksteveirwin--one of the most relaxed, but killer comics I've seen in a while. He's also a Wildlife Biologist and a major part of the @brownfolksfishing initiative. AND co-host of the popular "Get Home Safe"...

SN5:EP6 "Too Many Wizards"
May 20, 2020

@haleydrizcoll is our traveling companion today. The joyous peril begins with a traditional pre-show de-crystalling ceremony in front of Andy's place. Then: it's fronting English in front of a Natural Grocers; talking exchange students at a mile-high...