What's That About?

What's That About?

Latest Episodes

#98 Why do child stars go off the rails?
November 30, 2023

This episode we look at why child stars tend to go off the rails. It also includes a rare definition by the Luke's definition team. We also invent a tournament to find the best ever child star. It's a no holds barred child star smack down...guara

#97 What makes a hit song?
October 31, 2023

In this episode we get to the bottom of what makes a hit song. And just for a bit of fun, we release a hit song ourselves. Didn't take very long either, Not a big deal guys. In social etiquette we figure out how to handle a moment of great vulnerability

#96 Anonymous
September 25, 2023

This episode we take a cautious look at Anonymous. Good guys doing good work in a good way. Please don't hack us, we're lovely. We also figure out the exact amount you need to contribute to a colleagues farewell card.

#95 Chat GPT
July 09, 2023

This episode we delve into Chat GPT.We could get used to topics that research themselves. For social etiquette, we head into the toilet stalls for yet another highbrow piece of sophisticated content.It's an episode not to be missed, unless you'

#94 Beards
June 19, 2023

This episode we talk about beards, as well as whatever it is Luke calls that mildly furry thing on the bottom half of his face.We also discuss if it's ok to wear your bike helmet in the shops.

#93 Longevity: How to live longer
May 05, 2023

This episode we look at longevity- also known as doing all the boring stuff required to live a long life that just serves to prolong the misery of your final years.We also discuss whether to tell your workplace when it's your birthday!

#92 The 2022 Christmas social etiquette extravaganza
December 21, 2022

The final episode of the year is always our Christmas special. Guarateed to take some of the merry out of your Christmas. So pour yourself an extra large glass of eggnog (or the nog of your choice)....you're going to need it!

#91 The Loch Ness Monster
December 07, 2022

In this episode we do a giant bomb right into the depths of Loch Ness (naturally with an impressive splash).We also tackle the age old ethical dilemma: Do you have to mow your neighour's nature strip? (not a euphemism).

#90 Space
November 16, 2022

Join Luke and Don as they get lost in space. We share some amazing space facts that even a couple of dummies like us can understand. We're also joined by a special guest for a very special social etiquette segment. 

#89 What makes someone attractive?
August 29, 2022

This is a topic Luke and Don have long pondered during an existential crisis whilst staring deep into the mirror.Using their very asymmetrical faces, they get to the bottom of this mysterious topic.They also look back at some of their very unsuccessful