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Collection Resurrection: 555
June 23, 2020

As promised, this week we watched the Koz Brothers 1988 no-budget gore fest, 555! Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or your favorite podcatching app. And don't forget to rate and review us!

Collection Resurrection
June 13, 2020

Collection Resurrection kicks off with the 1988 Demi Moore film, The Seventh Sign

Filmmaking Sucks - Women In Horror Panel at Macabre Faire
February 01, 2017

The Women In Horror Panel from the Macabre Faire Film Festival featuring Lindsay Serrano, Debra Markowitz, Deana Demko, Kelly Rae LeGault, Beatrice Sniper, Jennifer Valdes and Gail C Gooch.

Filmmaking Sucks - Cinematography Panel
February 01, 2017

Channel X is unfortunately on a bit of an unscheduled break due to weather and previous event commitments, but we will return! In the meantime, i will be adding the previous episodes of Filmmaking Sucks to the feed, as well as some Mario Likes Movies epis

The Filmmaking Sucks Podcast - Episode 1
January 04, 2017

While on a short break, we present the first episode of our new podcast, Filmmaking Sucks, here for the Channel X listeners!

Krampusnacht and other Christmas Creatures
December 24, 2016

On the final episode of What Lurks On Channel X for 2016, we discuss The Krampus and other Christmas Creatures.

December 15, 2016

From the Pilgrims at Jamestown, to Jeffrey Dahmer and the Infamous, Richard Trenton Chase, we discuss multiple instances of cannibalism.

Archive - Mario Likes Movies: Cannibal Films
December 01, 2016

From the Mario Likes Movies Archives, Channel X brings you a discussion on Cannibal Films, from Dec 2014!

November 25, 2016

Happy Turkey Day everyone! While most people are sitting around a table eating (and we hope enjoying) dinner, we have decided to bring you a special bonus episode of Channel X, where we discuss one of the oldest supernatural legends of North America, the

Are We Moving To Canada?
November 17, 2016

In a discussion that's sure to be extremely polarizing, Manny, Lindsay and Erik sit down to discuss the 2016 election results.