What Just Happened?

What Just Happened?

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Past, Present, and Future (Ep. 133)
June 20, 2023

How has the way we parent changed, for better or worse, since David and Eugene were kids? How do we approach major life choices without anxiety or regret? We discuss these questions and more in the se

Why do parents reject their gay children? (Ep. 132)
May 30, 2023

CW: This episode contains conversations about parents who don't accept their child's sexual orientation. It's helpful to have someone in your life you can ask hard questions. I'm lucky enough to cons

Where are you from? (Ep. 131)
May 16, 2023

I (David) have always had a hard time answering this question. In part because I'm from a family of immigrants but also because we lived in so many places over my childhood. This is the second half of

Home (Ep. 130)
May 02, 2023

Home is where the story begins. Home is not a place but a feeling. David and Eugene have lived in several homes over time, in different parts of the U.S. In this episode, we discuss the places we live

To sleep, perchance to dream (Ep. 129)
April 18, 2023

Everyone I know, to a person, says they need more sleep. Yet the modern age is not conducive to getting a full eight hours. After a brief discussion about the modern weight loss "miracle cure" Ozempic

"Her" but in real life (Ep. 128)
April 04, 2023

You can't pick up your smartphone these days without seeing the latest crazy headlines about artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and how they will take over the world. David and Eugene wanted to take a

4000 Weeks (Ep. 127)
March 21, 2023

The average person lives about 4000 weeks. To author Oliver Burkeman, that sounded absurdly brief. So in response to this radical finitude, Burkeman wrote the kind of self-help book that David has b

The Importance of Hobbies (Ep. 126)
March 07, 2023

The word hobby has connotations of something trivial or inconsequential. (The words roots refer to an activity that doesnt go anywhere.) But Im coming to realize just how important and life sus

Turning the Tables, Part 2 (Ep. 125)
February 21, 2023

As it turns out, when you put four middle age men in front of a microphone, they have a lot to say. Its a good thing none of our wives prefer the strong silent type haha! This is the second half of

Turning the Tables (Ep. 124)
February 07, 2023

We hope everyones 2023 is off to a good start! This week we bring back long time friends of the podcast and Ironman triathletes Sam Chung and Rob Koh. But this time around the tables have turned, as