What Even is This?

What Even is This?

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04# Robbie Cavanagh Track By Track
October 18, 2017

Subscribe to the show on Itunes  http://apple.co/1MYSOzo Howdy universe! Weve got a special episode for you this week. I sat down with Robbie Cavanagh and did a track by track of his new album To Leave/To be Left.  We talked all things production, tr

03# Carl North: NSFW (But it is).
September 11, 2017

Subscribe to the show on Itunes : http://apple.co/2wkXDzh Welcome back to Saxy Zebra studios for episode 3 of WEIT?, with the rock and roll gent that is Carl North. We talk first bands, the blues and Poo girl; that poor poor lady. Stay up to date with al

#02 James M Carson: Puppies with Tourettes
August 31, 2017

Subscribe to the show on iTunes here: http://apple.co/2wkXDzh Hey, we’re back with episode 2! I sat down with the ever mesmerising James M Carson, to talk why is it so hard to write happy songs, growing up in the north and much more! You can keep u

#01 Hannah Ashcroft : Jazz scats, studio rugs & reckless rollerblading.
July 07, 2017

subscribe on iTunes Yes pilgrims it’s finally here! The first episode in our new session of What Even Is this? I sat down with singer songwriter Hannah Ashcroft and talked about classical Greece and busking this thing called life. We sat down in la

EPISODE 1…. Again?
June 26, 2017

That’s right ladies, gentlemen and carbon based life forms, your favourite rambling hairy man here to talk about music art and probably bad jokes and confectionary. With the start of season 2 of the “What Even Is This Podcast?” We&#8217

Episode 40: Robin Ince- Pragmatic Insanity
July 13, 2016

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Episode 39- Caoilfhionn Rose : Perfect 4/4
June 01, 2016

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Episode 38- Alina Ly: Ergo Sum
April 15, 2016

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Episode 37 Claire Northey: No words, just music
April 08, 2016

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Episode 36: Chloe Jones - The Big Macbusted
March 31, 2016

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