Western Reserve Grace Church

Western Reserve Grace Church

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Let Us…Week 2
November 23, 2020

Let Us…Change Our Thinking Most come from the mindset of scarcity (week 1). The most effective way to change this is to challenge our thinking. We need to begin to think in terms of God economy and not the worlds economy, In God s economy, Jesus re

Let Us…Do Because of What God Does
November 17, 2020

2 Corinthians 9:7-11 We will be challenged to break the cycle of scarcity and move toward a discipline of abundant giving, trusting that God will multiply our acts of faith and obedience through generosity.

The Red and The Blue, Week 4
November 02, 2020

John 1 As we watch the election unfold this week, we, as followers of Christ, must be ready to cross the lines. Disappointment, anger, joy, happiness will be emotions that we will see represented within the same group of people. This is where we must cro

The Red and the Blue Week Two
October 19, 2020

As followers of Jesus we find ourselves under the influence of culture. Common messages of hate, division, self-righteousness and pride are wrapped in language that seems pleasing and well-informed. But as followers of Jesus, we must examine what influen

The Red and The Blue Week One
October 12, 2020

As followers of Jesus Christ we must remember who we ultimately serve. When we come from the understanding that we are ambassadors of the one true King, we begin to see that we not only defend our freedoms here on earth, but we live as light to point oth

Biblical Hope
October 05, 2020

Pastor Kevin teaches on the concept of Biblical Hope.

Ripples Week Three
September 28, 2020

THE LONG PLAYColossians 3:1-2; Matthew 25:19-29 Long term life leverage that has lasting impact always focuses on the long-term effects vs. temporary reward.

Ripples: Week Two
September 21, 2020

When we want our lives to count we often look to what we should begin to do to create movement. The truth is we need to consider what God is doing and then align ourselves with His work.

Ripples: Week One
September 14, 2020

RECLAIMING OUR DREAMGenesis 12 – God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah Somewhere along the line we lowered our expectations in life. We settled. Waiting wore us out and we feel that we have received a consolation prize in life. We will unpack the over

September 6, 2020 Message
September 08, 2020

Pastor Jason shares the direction of our church for the upcoming Fall 2020 season. Including an important update about our Family Ministries. Pastor Kevin shares more about Life Groups.