WellSeekers with Lucia

WellSeekers with Lucia

The Power of Fun and Connection in Recovery!

May 10, 2021

Welcome back to WellSeekers as we finish our six part series focusing on addiction and recovery. In this series, we’ll share amazing conversations, personal stories, and most importantly solutions; all from a holistic perspective. We’ll not only talk about addiction and treatment, but also topics on how relationships, nutrition, exercise and the power of fun all play into recovery as well for those who struggle and also the ones they love.

On today’s show, we welcome Scott Strode, Founder and Director of The Phoenix. The Phoenix’s mission is to build a sober active community that fuels resilience and harnesses the transformational power of connection so that together we rise, recover, and live. And incorporating more fun in healthy and holistic methods of connecting with yourself and other people is so POWERFUL, especially in recovery! Scott will share his own personal story of rising and coming back in recovery. We also share some great ideas that you and your loved ones can try out for your mind and body. We’ll talk about the amazing activities The Phoenix offers across the United States and possibly in your communities. And we’ll also share some touching stories of the power of fun!

There are a lot of different ways to include fun in recovery. Finding these activities can be scary. Doing them alone or doing them with others can feel uncomfortable. But we’re here to help with great ideas for fun activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy. So join Lucia and Scott now on this episode as we talk about the power of fun and the power of connection in addiction and recovery. Rise and Comeback to a mind and life you love on WellSeekers!

For more information about Scott and The Phoenix, visit https://thephoenix.org

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