WellSeekers with Lucia

WellSeekers with Lucia

Get Fit While You Work? Balance Work, Life & Exercise? It IS Possible. Find Out How NOW!

January 28, 2019

Research says that over 75% of Americans want to be in shape, but only 31% of people work out on a regular basis. Why? Many of us think we don't have the time and resources to actually get fit! The reality is, we are wrong.

Working out can improve your body, but also reduces stress, anxiety and increases mental health. The benefits of working out on regular basis are undeniable. So how can we make working out actually happen in our real lives with so little time?

Join Lucia & guest, Matt Vaccarelli from Axios Training and Performance to find out how YOU can balance work, life and exercise. Matt will give us REAL & SIMPLE ways you can actually workout regardless of your time and resources. Matt will also share part of his personal story of how and why fitness is so important in his own life.

So join us now and learn how to live your best life as we journey together to HAPPY & WELL!