Weekend Party Entertainment Report

Weekend Party Entertainment Report

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197 Beyonce Wiggles with De Armas
July 22, 2022

QUEEN B arrives on a new platform y'all, SPIELBERG directs his first music video, GOSLING, EVANS and DE ARMAS steam up the stream in a new action thriller. Order THE DUKE'S FAMOUS HOT WINGZ on WhatsApp +27 79 303 8711

196 Hallelujah Where are You
July 15, 2022

STALLONE's first outing as a superhero is coming, One of the greatest songs of all time gets the documentary treatment and NETFLIX looks at the true story of one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. Order some of THE DUKE'S FAMOUS HOT WINGZ. RI

195 Beyonce goes to The Dogs
July 08, 2022

BEYONCE is in elite company with PAUL MCCARTNEY and MICHAEL JACKSON thanks to BREAK MY SOUL, THE MOUSE HOUSE collaborates with a fashion house, again...and CHRIS HEMSWORTH embarks on a journey for inner peace in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. Order some of THE D

194 Babyface is The Boss
July 01, 2022

The WHO'S THE BOSS sequel reunites the original series stars. BABYFACE sets a release date for his new album GIRLS NIGHT OUT, the horror movie MEN will give you some more goosebumps this winter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOT102.7FM.

193 The King and Queen Just Do It
June 24, 2022

BEN AFFLECK's untitled NIKE project gets some star power, QUEEN set to release an unreleased FREDDIE MERCURY tune, we get ALL SHOCK UP up for the ELVIS biopic. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUSIC AWARDS and win some CA$H, THE DUKE's FAMOUS HO

192 Jay Z and Jack Buzz Grammy.
June 17, 2022

Jay Z and the former Twitter CEO launch a financial literacy program for the projects, The recording Academy announce new awards for the Grammys. To infinity and beyond as BUZZ LIGHTYEAR gets an origin story. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUS

191 What's Up with Martin and Ray?
June 10, 2022

The iconic MARTIN LAWRENCE sitcom sets a stream date for a reunion, the WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Singer gets a documentary and STEVEN SPEILBERG's CGI dinosaurs gets a franchise finale. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUSIC AWARDS and win some CA$H,

190 Elvis Swings with Bobby Brown
June 03, 2022

The BOBBY BROWN documentary is filled with some juicy tidbits, the ELVIS biopic soundtrack is generating some massive buzz as ELSA PATAKAY AKA the wife of THOR streams up the small screen in the action film INTERCEPTOR. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years S

189 Cruise is in Control
May 27, 2022

JLo doccie to stream on Netflix, Mission Impossible 7 gets a trailer, a title and some LA BAMBA, TOP GUN: MAVERICK will take you breath away...on the BIG SCREEN. Vote for HOT102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUSIC AWARDS and win some CA$H, order some of THE

188 Camila Heard The Voice
May 20, 2022

CAMILA CABELO heads on over to reality TV, JOHNNY DEPP to be replaced by MARGOT ROBBIE? DAVID LETTERMAN's guests need no introduction. Vote for HOT 102.7FM at this years SA RADIO MUSIC AWARDS and win some CA$H. Order some of THE DUKE's FAMOUS HOT WINGZ...