We Talk Israel

We Talk Israel

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Podcast #26 - Aziz's Story
October 23, 2015

Podcast #26 - Aziz's Story

Podcast #25 - Netanyahu's Gaffe! Mashaal S.Africa, Aziz's Story
October 22, 2015

Podcast #25 - Netanyahu's Gaffe! Mashaal S.Africa, Aziz's Story

Podcast #24 - Peaceful Meetings with Palestinian & Israelis?
October 20, 2015

Yes, in this podcast we concentrate mostly on the project (EcoMe Center) that has been active for 5 years in Area C. This is an area near Jericho that is open to Palestinian and Israelis to go in the West Bank. The project is fascinating and facilitates r

Podcast #23 - Living with Terror, Football, Kids & Mid East
October 14, 2015

The daily random terror attacks continue. In this climate of fear, I talk about what's that like to live in. A terror attack happens while we're live very close to where I was. Then I get to use a Football/Soccer analogy - ideas given by the great Sir Ale

Podcast #22 - Run For Your Lives
October 13, 2015

Yes it is a scene from Godzilla except the big scary dinosaur is 20 year old and younger Arab kids going around stabbing men, women and children at random. We have discussed the route causes, we do a summary here. I’ve been to Jerusalem for 3 days last

Podcast #21 - Propaganda, Palestinians & PA Relations, Widow
October 06, 2015

In this episode we explore the relationship of Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority directly from the people on the street. We hear of more Propaganda being spread by the Palestinian Media and none other than Mahmoud Abbas himself. We hear the h

Podcast #20 - Brainwashing leads to Terror
October 04, 2015

Unfortunately in the last few days there have been many terror attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank. We report on the incidents, including the ones that have been failed to mention in the Western Mainstream Media. Then we analyse where these have come f

Podcast #19 - Netanyahu's UN SPEECH
October 01, 2015

We have here the audio of Prime Minister Netanyahu's UN Speech. The reason for playing the whole thing is because it is quite INCREDIBLE. For one thing, he echos many of the sentiments of previous podcasts. But, he also offers intelligence about Iran, tha

Podcast - #18 - Abbas UN SPEECH! Temple Mount Brainwashing
September 30, 2015

I waited to dissect the Abbas UN speech, here you can get all the juicy detail and here my opinion on the truth. It also ties in with activity on the Temple Mount. I also get deep about the podcast. Spread the word, give me an email and let's get this TR

Podcast #17 - Money Money Money, in a Corrupt Man's World!
September 29, 2015

In this podcast we go more in depth about the 31 BILLION DOLLARS that have been given to the Palestinian Authority over the last 21 years. Yes, that's right, their people live in squalor and yet, 31 billion has been given and clearly not reached the peopl