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Below Deck Adventure: The Gay Agenda
December 07, 2022

Heather Gay from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City arrives in Norway for an adventchaaaaaaa on the latest Below Deck Adventure. Meanwhile Lewis throws Nathan under the bus, and Faye clashes with

Southern Hospitality: Bumpers and Bubbleheads
December 06, 2022

The Southern Hospitality gang bonds at a bumper cars outing and TJ tries to shame a shameless Grace Lilly. Fail! This week's bonus is a chat about what we're watching on TV and our thoughts on Meghan

Below Deck: Truffling Feathers
December 06, 2022

Below Deck's Camille has trouble balancing wandering around on the deck not doing much and wandering around inside not doing much, and Rachel loses the truffles for a truffle themed tasting dinner. Go

RHOP: Insta Live and Let Insta Live
December 05, 2022

iTunes: https://watch-what-crappens.simplecast.comNew Merch:*Also avail as video on Crappens On Demand* The Rea

Winter House: Nothingburger and a Side of Lies
December 02, 2022

On this week's Winter House, Austen can't find the stones to confess the bs he's spread about Lindsay and Jess tries to whine her way into a commitment from Kory. Not gonna happen. But hey, Luke has d

RHOSLC: Champagne and Suffering
December 01, 2022

*Also avail as video on Crappens On Demand* Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is in San Diego and Jen Shah hands Angie K a huge storyline when she dumps a glass of champagn

Below Deck Adventure: Kiss My Grits!
November 30, 2022

Below Deck Adventure takes us to a very twisty turny road full of burnt hands, soft eggs, and no grits. For our premium bonus episodes and video recaps, join Patreon at

Southern Hospitality: Welcome to the Club
November 29, 2022

It's the Leva spinoff no one asked for, but turns out we all might need? Southern Hospitality is here and way better than we ever expected. What a thrill to see very dumb people compete for supremac

BelowDeck: Running a Tight Ship
November 29, 2022

Someone shrank Captain Lee's shirt on Below Deck this week. Or did they? More antics from the hapless crew and their besotted guests. Did you know Camille dated a quarterback?

RHOP: Miami Frown Machine
November 28, 2022

Mia's Miami vacay on Real Housewives of Potomac continues to go off the rails as she kicks Candiace and Ashley out of the house and backs out of birthday duties for Karen. Plus, Trina!This episode i