SOAR (School of Addiction Recovery)

SOAR (School of Addiction Recovery)

Season 2 Ep. 11 - From Heroin Addict to CBD Entrepreneur

August 31, 2019

We are joined today by Cameron Benedict. Unlike most of us addicts, Cameron’s heroin use had no graduation of other words, his first experience with heroin was shooting it directly into his veins. He did not start with snorting or smoking it, he was shooting up from day 1.

Cameron shares his story about going through a number of different rehabilitation centers, and although being able to get a few months clean here and there, ultimately returning to the life of addiction every time.

Cameron shares the serenity that he ultimately found, although it did not come from any type of organized program that he is currently working...he found the power of therapy, honesty, integrity, and self-reflection. He holds himself accountable to a high degree.

In addition, Cameron talks about CBD and what it has done for him and his recovery. CBD has helped him immensely and he shares the peace that it has provided his mind and body. Additionally, he provides some of the science behind CBD and shares how he feels it can help a number of people with numerous ailments even outside of addiction. He has recently secured funding and founded Exalt CBD and shares his mission to help others.

Tune in for a great story and to learn something!! Remember, our goal is to provide a free recovery resource for addicts and loved ones of addicts. Please like and share the podcast to help spread the message - we truly appreciate hearing from all of you that this helps. Your comments and messages mean a lot.