Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

Global Prophecy Gospel News, Jerusalem, North Korea, Chinese house churches

July 02, 2019

Global Prophecy Gospel News, Jerusalem, pray peace, North Korea, Sudan, Israel, Nigeria Boko Haram, UK, India, Niger mob rule, Chinese house churches, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, USA, Pres. Trump, Kim Jon Un, Advocacy Persecuted church  from Warn Radio |  | WIBR/WARN Radio


Global Prophecy Gospel News- Will Jerusalem find peace, well many believe so and pray for the peace of the famed Holy city. Yet war and turbulent times surrounds Israel. In America the historical visit by Pres. Trump and his crossing into North Korea makes him the first sitting President to do so. Meanwhile from Nigeria, the UK, Niger, China, Syria, Iraq, and globally the persecution of Christians continues. But in this we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.


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Global Prophecy Gospel News - WIBR/WARN Radio fulfills a ministry of Advocacy for the persecuted church through its broadcasts, websites, and social media to bring awareness of our brethren around the world. It is here that Prophecy, Gospel News, and Christian Persecution converge in these end of days. You must get involved for Christ's sake and for those who are Christ's!