Wannabe Minimalist Show

Wannabe Minimalist Show

Ep 76: Help! My Family Buys Too Many Gifts!

November 11, 2021

Each year, the holidays are filled with cheer, coziness, and love. But, for new minimalists - or anyone looking to declutter the abundance of stuff in their homes - the holidays also come with the dread of telling well-meaning family that they do not want many presents.

This can be a tough conversation to have because for some people, giving gifts is the way they communicate love. And because they love you so much, they want to shower you with more gifts, trinkets, toys, and goodies to last you a lifetime.

Unfortunately this can be a major source of frustration for not only the gift receiver as they stress about the perhaps unwanted gifts coming into their home, but also for the gift giver who may feel unappreciated.

Instead of being ungrateful and telling the people in your life that any gifts they give you will be promptly donated (seriously, please do not do that), there are some great ways we can be open an honest with the overly-generous people in our lives without hurting their feelings.

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will also help you discover:

- The importance of sharing why you want fewer physical presents
- 3 strategies for talking to a well-meaning gift giver
- A subtle but important mind shift that will help you at the holidays
- The 5 love languages - not all have to do with giving things
- One thing you can do to cut back on clutter at the holidays