The Chronicles of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist

The Chronicles of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist

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Season 2½, Episode 4
June 30, 2020

Today's guests: Roger (Tom Bozell) and his owl husband Paul (Stephen Bel Davies). Roger discovers he has an unlikely rival in the upcoming mayoral election: Francois the linen supplier (Jim Newman). Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) get a...

Season 2 ½, Episode 3
June 29, 2020

Feel like getting in shape? Tune in as the town’s personal trainer, Chablis Klemmerer (Kiera Allen), shares her moves… and you’d better be ready. (10:32)

Season 2 ½, Episode 2
June 08, 2020

Listen in as Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) launch their new talk show: “Live! From Rolling Hills with Gideon and Jerry.” The format’s a bit shaky - which could be due to their spot near the recycling bin - but they are determined to b...

Season 2 ½, Episode 1
May 30, 2020

A brand new surprise season from The Chronicles of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist! Gideon and Jerry have their own talk show… who would be stupid enough to agree to that? Find out in “A Show Is Born.” (15:10) 

Bonus feature: Flashback – Jerry’s first performance review
February 07, 2020

In a special flashback episode, Chief Gideon (David Arrow) gets more than he bargained for when reviewing the progress of his favorite rookie, Deputy Jerry (George Sheffey).

Season 2, Episode 6
December 18, 2019

In this special double episode we learn the real reason chaos has befallen Rolling Hills. Buddy makes a big decision, Jerry's loyalty to Gideon is tested and Tallulah and Sweetie make peace. Hudson shows up when it counts and then there's Julia... (45:48)

Season 2, Episode 5
December 01, 2019

A strange wind kicks up in Rolling Hills. Ray drafts the unsuspecting Cora to do some of his dirty work. Laurette discovers an important fact about the twins. Jerry’s instincts inconveniently surface while Maggie brews up a solution which,

Season 2, Episode 4
November 14, 2019

We find the residents of Rolling Hills at each other’s throats with fights breaking out all over town. Laurette comes to Tallulah’s rescue, Ray finds a new ally, and Jerry might be everyone’s last hope… but only if Maggie can fix him up after the crash...

Season 2, Episode 3
November 04, 2019

Maggie and Paul clash over loyalty as Hudson reveals a helpful skill. Tallulah comes clean to Ray about Julia while Jerry discovers his new abilities have limits. We listen in on Roger’s fairly satisfying therapy session with Buddy. (20:34)

Season 2, Episode 2
October 20, 2019

Paul introduces Hudson to the local cuisine with messy results. Maggie thinks she knows what’s going on with the twins but finds a dead end instead. Laurette is forced to reflect on her life choices as Sweetie makes a mistake that endangers everyone in...