Wait What Really OK with Loren Weisman

Wait What Really OK with Loren Weisman

Sharing opinions instead of trying to state facts may help.

November 05, 2021

Sharing opinions instead of trying to state facts may help is the title of S.09 E.02 n.135 of the FSG Brand Messaging Podcast, Wait What Really OK.

In the times we are in, from the emotional to the psychological to the professional, moving to a foundation of opinion based engagement may help to connect over shouting facts. Especially when so many are choosing to present opinions as facts.

In considering not only your intention, but also all that your messaging and content could be perceived as, it may help to expand your reach in a more authentic way over the pressure and pushing of many others.

Taking the extra moment to pause and look at the content on a web page to the messaging in a video, to the presentation and differentiation of facts and opinions in a podcast may be a way to stand out and disarm some that might at first perceive you to be another voice that is only selling.

This ties in to compliance online too. In the lack of making claims, promises and presenting statements or facts that can be quickly and easily countered, debated or proven wrong, the voice of opinion becomes a lesser liability for web and social too.

In authenticity and authority as well as humility and transparency, the presentation and engagement of opinions over stating and screaming facts… with many that might be able to be contradicted, could allow for a greater reach and a greater connection with your existing audience as well as new people too.

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Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a messaging and optics strategist for The Fish Stewarding Group. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, psychology and perceptions of the message and story. Weisman is also the host of the FSG brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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Sharing opinions instead of trying to state facts may help.