Moving On and Out

June 14, 2020

Why don't you just move on, already? Steve is tired of the bullshit he is still getting from people online but he's moving on. This will be THE LAST TIME he even mentions it. The only reason he brought it up here is because he was mentioned on one of the podcasts that inspired him to start his own.

Out with the Old

Steve confronts the characters with Kimmie proving that she is really real and around. And decides to kill off two of the old characters from future shows. So long Peter and Travis!

Also George may or may not be evil.

Since our last show...

Steve and Kimmie have been spending time together traveling and planning things for a place of their own. We traveled to Indiana to hang out with some friends over Memorial Day weekend. It was great hanging out with some again, and also meeting some for the first time. Steve had a shot with Jacoby Ray and Jacoby tried to make it weird, of course. But, Steve played the stooge for him a little too good.

Moving soon

I announce that Kimmie and I are moving into a new house soon. This is a big step forward for the both of us being on our own with a place we are going to make our own. Bigger space for the studio, too!

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

We cover the two mentions on Nobody Likes Onions that Steve got because the group of people he used to hang online with just won't drop the fact that he's moved on to bigger and better things. Lies are squashed and explanations have been made.

Moving Forward

The show will be recorded in multiple parts going forward. Sometimes in one day. Sometimes it may take the whole weekend to crank out some shows. This way Steve can take time off and a show will post automatically. Steve is re-thinking the bonus side of the Podcast. He may switch back to Patreon or re-structure the levels on the site itself. Only time will tell.

Music This Week:

* Leo Moraccioli - I'm Still Standing* STEEP - Let Me Go* Jon Lajoie - Too Old For Tik Tok* Benevolent Like Quietus - Mad World