Bullshit Burrito with Troll

April 06, 2020

Did Steve bring in a troll from the old days? Or is this a new troll? Nope, just a buddy he met through Tik Tok to discuss some bullshit.

Introducing Troll

Steve welcomes his buddy and fan of the show, SPT_tr0ll, to the show where we sat down and talked about the different things we've experienced from TikTok and the different "families" or "groups" that we have been part of or aware of on the app.

We covered not just the Gravers or Toby's Army but how we have become a self-governing group within these larger groups with rules of chatting on HouseParty (aka HP) and how we try to steer clear of some members but gravitate towards some others and they've become really close friends.


We did get side tracked with a discussion about the films of John Johnson and Darkstone Entertainment but bring it back to the man himself. (Still working on getting a possible interview with him, BTW)

John has made over 200 films so far and we talked about one of the upcoming movies called "The Frights Before Christmas" where I have a character named after me. Check out Plan 9 on Amazon, by the way.

We stopped talking about John, but came back later. Like you do.


We talk about one of the big TikTok creators known as theycallmetoby2, who has been a huge inspiration (annnnd cue the short jokes).

Community Guidelines are for who again?

We talked about shadow bans and lowered view counts as well for a bit. Also live bans for real stupid shit. Kids (and adults) seem to report for the stupidest shit. And foreign audience members are creepy AF for the women on TikTok.

Celebrity Pushes

We talk about celebrities on TikTok that are ruining the chance for the smaller creators to be seen because they are driving the views to them and not to creators. Howie Mandel is cancer, Will Smith doesn't do his own shit, but hired good writers. Fluffy is still the man IMO.


Granted these were mostly puppeteers like Steve, but check their stuff out on TikTok.

* DurtyBit* MaxDevlin* Margaret D Rabbit* Reggie D Rabbit* Fat Jesus

Future plans

Troll and I discussed some future projects with Kimmie and I getting another puppet going. Just an FYI

Our Guest

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Music This Week:

* My Alcoholic Friends - The Dresden Dolls* Friends in Low Places - Leo Moracchioli* Video Killed the Radio Star (ft. Sarah Silverman) - Walk Off the Earth* Tick Tock - Josh Woodward*