Snow Jobs and Frozen Balls

December 08, 2019

Do you like snow? I don't, but, snow had dropped fierce this past week showing that winter has decided to hit us in full force before it actually arrived on the damn calendar. Steve lost two days of work because of the damn amount of snow we got here in Western MA.

Part 1: Silver Bells lead to Blue Balls

The Christmas episode of the show has started the scripting phase and we hope everyone will love it. We are adding a few extra things into it this year's production as well. I have the first act written, but I am writing more this week and will start production on it as soon as possible.

Coming towards the end of the year I also need to prepare the fireside chat for 2019 to send it off in a ball of flames to make way for 2020.

My girlfriend is coming to visit me on New Years Eve and we will be going nuts with traveling around meeting family, staying in a haunted hotel and recording while there to hopefully get some EVP's or experiences in general.

First Musical Break

* Green Man - Type O'Negative* Lions Inside - Valley of Wolves* Thanks for the Memories - Fall Out Boy

Part 2: Farewell, Big Bird and Oscar, Hello Baby Fucking Yoda!

Caroll Spinney shaped many many many of us growing up with breathing life into the characters we loved as kids, but he has sadly passed today (Dec. 8, 2019) leaving the memories we have all had with his creations.


Steve then goes into how Disney is totally fucking up with the lack of a toy line for the Mandalorian. I mean Baby Fucking Yoda for crying out loud! Also Disney + has some weird things that some people have been bitching about since day one of the service.

We talk HouseParty chats with the Gravers and the Lord of the Gravers himself, John Johnson who I really would like to get on the show as an interview or just shooting the shit. He has a new film coming out soon called, "The Fright Before Christmas," which yours truly not only has an Associate Producer credit in, but also a character named after him. Cannot wait to see it. Be sure to check out Darkstone Entertainment for more information on their films and also their Patreon for Dr. Ella Mental and

Second Musical Break

* Dear Baby Yoda - The Ringer* The Wicked Ones - 10 years* Thankful - Bazaar Royale

We wind up the show reminding that we will be in production of the Christmas special so, please be patient. We will be adding more bonus content soon enough for Horde Members.

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