It’s a Dolls, Dead, and Darkman Halloween

October 28, 2019

Halloween has come once again and I know I put out a Halloween episode from the vaults last week, but seeing Halloween is a few days away, I felt compelled to put out a new show for this year.

Halloween means it's time for "The Mausoleum Maintainer"

Welcome the Mausoleum Maintainer to the show, he took over hosting for the first part of the show for VooDooStevie was a little tied up. Granted it was the Mausoleum Maintainer that did the tying, but that's neither here nor there.

He starts off the show for us giving us the tone and feel for the show which reminds us of the old Tales from the Crypt show from the 90's. He then introduces our first tale of terror about a haunted doll that may not be as famous as Annabelle, but just as terrifying.

Creepy Pasta and Men with their Dolls

VooDooStevie reads a quick Creepy Pasta called "Instant Messaging," that came out back in 2016. Creepy Pasta is the origin of Slender Man, the TV Show, "Channel Zero," and many other tales.

After that, he talks about two men that converted woman (and in one of their cases, children) into dolls and kept them in their homes.

The first is the first was Carl Tanzler who we have talked about before on a previous episode. Tanzler transformed a Cuban-American girl named  Elena "Helen" Milagro de Hoyos into a doll after trying to preserve her and possibly resurrect her if authorities had not intervened.

The second was about Anatoly Moskvin, a russian academic and author who was arrested in 2011 after the mummified bodies of twenty-six girls between the ages of three and fifteen were discovered in his apartment.

Who is Darkman?!

A small mystery has befallen VooDooStevie and his friends in the Gravers on TikTok. A man calling himself @theycallme_Darkman has appeared with a video in which yours truly has been called out in the main video:

Darkman Calls Out the Gravers and TobysArmy

At the time of the show, this is the clues that we had:

* He is a Dom, that likes redheads.* Identifies musically with Penatonix* When he smiles, he has a noticeable feature (you can see teeth and no teeth).* Works with his hands at a moderately dangerous job* He has at least one kid* His favorite show is "Friends" but, also loves "Dancing With The Stars" and "America's Got Talent."* He takes mental health medication* He lives anywhere from the Midwest to east coast. (Won't mention where for his state would give him away completely.)* He shaves designs into his hair when he has hair.* Cryptic code was given 5 11 191 19 83 (The 191 has been verified as his weight). * Associates with NoHate, Dom Mafia, and friends w/ JT* Does not have a dog.* Is a possible Empath

Who is he?!

Steve also talks about Toby's Birthday Bomb and how grateful he is for all the people he has met through the app. And winds up the show.

The Gorish Tunes for This Week:

* When You're Evil - Voltaire* This is Halloween - Leo Moracchioli* House of 1000 Corpses - Zombie Girl* Funky Dragula - Loo & Placido* Grim Grinning Ghosts - Creature Feature* Zombie - The Pretty Reckless