Nightmare Fueled Rant

October 13, 2019

Rant on, Rant mode engaged!

This will be the final time I rant about this issue because I am tired and done with it. Time to move on.

I may seem a little testy and enraged still but there is a method to my madness as usual. I explain the hiatus for a month which mainly was from the bullshit from people I thought were friends. Friends don't troll friends, folks. There is a difference between ribbing and total asshole moves. That put me into a complete spiral of rage.

Just letting you know, I am done with covering Crazy Joe. Done. It's over! Deal with it! I feel stuck in the time when my daughter was in pre-school with the repetitiveness. I was the only one getting all the vids, skimming through it all and cherry-picking all the quotes and moments.

Not such a short Rant

Again I find myself defending TikTok for the people that don't understand it's draw and potential for expanding creativity and word of what you are about as a person and an entertainer.

A huge thanks to all the great folks I have met such as John Johnson of Darkstone Entertainment, Toby, the Gravers, and much more.

Speaking of John Johnson and Darkstone, I give the announcement of the upcoming short film on Amazon Prime called Spade that will be coming out soon.

I most likely will be traveling to a meetup in North Carolina to meet all the people I have met so far as well, which may become a special show in the future.

Rant is almost over (I Promise)

Continuing on talking about the folks I have been associating myself with and how I am actually really appreciative for all the help they have been giving me with not just creative stuff, but personal as well.

Nightmare Fuel

The original TMNT III Leonardo suit was not sold due to the shape it's in. Album art and Featured image show what it looks like now.

Music this week:

* My Chemical Romance - I'm not OK (I Promise)* Alkaline Trio - Moving Right Along

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