Latest Episodes

George Goes to Jail
November 25, 2019

Act 1: Program Interrupted: It's a production show! Steve starts the show off normally when Achmed bursts in to tell him that George has been arrested and the police would not tell Achmed any more details because he is not the legal guardian for him...

Respectfully Nutting in November
November 13, 2019

Nuts about nutting? Or just plain nuts? This month brings us the dumbest two things ever. NNN and NSN are still stupid after all these years. Aw Nuts! Not being completely satisfied with the last show,

It’s a Dolls, Dead, and Darkman Halloween
October 28, 2019

Halloween has come once again and I know I put out a Halloween episode from the vaults last week, but seeing Halloween is a few days away, I felt compelled to put out a new show for this year. Halloween means it's time for "The Mausoleum Maintainer"...

Classic VooDooRadio: VooDooWeen 2010
October 21, 2019

Due to some conflicts with life and the show, I have to postpone show 184 by a few days to record it. In the meantime, I pulled an old Halloween episode from the vaults for you. Please to be enjoy.

Nightmare Fueled Rant
October 14, 2019

Rant on, Rant mode engaged! This will be the final time I rant about this issue because I am tired and done with it. Time to move on. I may seem a little testy and enraged still but there is a method to my madness as usual.

Blown Up and Pissed Off
September 09, 2019

Blown up from all the bullshit surrounding the show and doing videos for TikTok, Steve takes matters into his own hands. Something's Afoot at VooDooStudios Achmed and George decided to head over to confront Steve about not doing a show with them ...

181: Get The Funk Out! It’s My Birthday!
August 18, 2019

Funk is not just a form of music. Funk is a feeling of dread brought on by anxiety and depression. Welcome to my hell, mother fuckers! On the first day of my summer vacation... The show had a bit of a hiatus because Steve couldn't get the energy ...

180: Family Splatters
July 29, 2019

Family... They say the family of the 21st Century is made up friends, not relatives... then again maybe that's just bollocks. No this isn't an episode of Spaced, it's an Episode where I talk about how we can have many different families to belong to...

179: An Independent Pooping Sociopath
July 14, 2019

Independently Pooping on Independence Day? No. Billie Eilish loves pooping. Dan Nainan is still a Sociopath and much more! Part 1: Fourth of July and Social Media Ranticles. The holiday really messed up my scheduling for shows and all the other s...

178: Garbage, Trash, And Faith in Humanity
July 01, 2019

Garbage comes in many varieties. Garbage that gets picked up and hauled away, Trash that is in the landfills, and then all the stuff on the internet we have come across. Trashing the show This is a redo of the original show I took 9 hours to work...