Latest Episodes

Change is Coming
November 05, 2021

That's right! Change is coming to your ear butts soon! It has been quite some time since we have done a show but with a really good reason. Aside from married life, work, and also school, Steve really

It’s a Pandemic Christmas
December 29, 2020

It's Christmas again, and I was unable to do a full Christmas production like in years past. Partially timing but mostly procrastination and motivation. But here we are with our last show of the year. We give a brief feeling of blah with the year th...

Roleplaying Being Hitched to the Rona
November 22, 2020

Steve got hitched on Halloween during the pandemic and is playing tabletop role-playing games with his kid. Yes, kind of a synopsis of this show. I just ran down some of the events that happened since the last shows in the feed.

Halloween Special – VooDooWeen 2010
October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween ghasts and ghouls! Another Halloween classique from the depths of our catacombs to your earballs! Seeing I am getting hitched on Halloween I am giving you one last treat while I am currently getting hitched!

Halloween Special: Undead Halloweenies from 2007
October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween Kiddies! This Halloween I am getting hitched so I wanted to treat you by tricking you into listening to an old classique show from 2007 I believe. Yes the EARLY days of the show! Enjoy! And keep an eye on the feed for another show c...

Strange Things Afoot On This Halloween Special
October 25, 2020

It's our Halloween Special 2020, where we go back to Steve and Kim's stay at the Salem Inn in Salem, MA, which is known to be haunted by three ghosts! Introduction Halloween is all about the spooky stuff,

Moving On and Out
June 14, 2020

Why don't you just move on, already? Steve is tired of the bullshit he is still getting from people online but he's moving on. This will be THE LAST TIME he even mentions it. The only reason he brought it up here is because he was mentioned on one of t...

Luchadores, Klansman and Food Fights (oh my)
May 18, 2020

Luchadores and Klansmen at the stores? A Food Fight? What is Steve talking about? Is he becoming a Luchadore Klansman in an Epic Food Fight? Find out! Sorry for the quick show, but life has been kinda throwing curveballs at us and we've been a bit b...

Bullshit Burrito with Troll
April 06, 2020

Did Steve bring in a troll from the old days? Or is this a new troll? Nope, just a buddy he met through Tik Tok to discuss some bullshit. Introducing Troll Steve welcomes his buddy and fan of the show, SPT_tr0ll,

Hot COVID-19 Isolation Action
March 31, 2020

With our world practically shut down from COVID-19 we ask for all of you to be safe. COVID-19 is not a joke. STAY THE FUCK AT HOME! COVID-19 has us going nuts! Steve and Kimmie regale you with the events happening here in Western Massachusetts b...