Voices of Humanity. - Derek Huber

Voices of Humanity. - Derek Huber

Latest Episodes

Episode 13 w/ Seed Effect
October 05, 2016

Join me in this episode where I interview the co-founder of Seed Effect (Missy Williams) a nonprofit using microfinance to create sustainable change in South Sudan.

Episode 12 w/ JusticeRising.org
July 29, 2016

An interview with Cassandra Lee, Co-Founder of Justice Rising.org

Episode 11 W/ Dylan Roberts
May 01, 2016

Check out this episode with war journalist and entrepreneur Dylan Roberts.

Episode 10 w/Charles Davidson
April 19, 2016

Charles is back from the DRC and already has reports from Forgottensong's #OffTheMountain project.

Episode 09 w/Lauren Blanco
March 14, 2016

Episode 09 recorded from the Congo with Forgottensong's associate director Lauren Blanco.

Episode 08 Project Congo Update
February 24, 2016

Episode 08 of The Voices of Humanity Podcast with guest Charles Davidson

Episode 07 SilentImages.Org Founder David Johnson
February 07, 2016

An interview with social entrepreneur and founder of SilentImages.org

Episode 06 Michel Chikwanine author of Child Soldier
January 20, 2016

Michele Chikwanine is an author, a public speaker, and a former child soldier. He's on the Voices of Humanity Podcast to share his story with us!

Episode 05 Long Miles Coffee Project
December 21, 2015

Ben Carlson is a social entrepreneur producing coffee in Burundi working directly with local farmers to create the best coffee possible. Ben (and his wife) are the owner/operators of Long Miles Coffee Project.

Episode 04 Burundian Refugee
December 11, 2015

Episode 04 of the philanthropy and nonprofit podcast brings a special guest from Burundi who came on the show to speak about the atrocities being committed by the government in Burundi.