A Splash of Positivity with Dr. Asha Prasad

A Splash of Positivity with Dr. Asha Prasad

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Embracing the Power of Positivity | Dr. Asha Prasad
August 13, 2023

In a world often filled with challenges and uncertainties, embracing the power of positivity can be a transformative and empowering choice. Positivity is not merely a fleeting emotion or wishful think

Creating Your Circle Of Positivity | Dr. Asha Prasad
August 09, 2023

What happens when you are empowered to cultivate meaninful connections and surround yourself with uplifiting influences? There is a transformative impact of building a supportive circle, one that nour

Finding Gratitude in Everyday Moments | Dr. Asha Prasad
August 05, 2023

When we choose to embark on a journey of mindfulness and appreciation, we start to elevate our lives. There is a ripple effect that is caused by practicing gratitude. It strengthens our connections a

Nurture Your Inner Balance | Dr. Asha Prasad
August 01, 2023

Emotional wellbeing is an important aspect of health. But why do we avoid it? Probably because sometimes it can get messy. But when we prioritize being emotionally healthy, our relationships with ours

What Is Spiritual Health? | Dr. Asha Prasad
July 29, 2023

What is spiritual health? I get this question alot and wanted to discuss with you what spiritual health is all about and why does it matter to the overall positivity in our lives.

Evaluate Your Anxiety | Dr. Asha Prasad
July 27, 2023

Do you feel worried or anxious alot of the time, but have no idea why? When we ask ourselves key questions we can become more aware of what is truly causing our anxiety and fears. We can only control

Do You React or Respond In Your Life?| Dr. Asha Prasad
July 25, 2023

Do you react or respond to situations in your life? This makes a huge difference. If we are consciously wanting to create positive experiences in our relationships and communication with others, it mi

What Does Being Healthy Mean To You? | Dr. Asha Prasad
July 23, 2023

What does being healthy mean to you? Is it a mere absence of symptoms or illness? Or is it much more than that? Let's dive into the different aspects of what being healthy means.

Reward Kindness | Dr. Asha Prasad
July 13, 2023

Don't we feel like being kind when someone else is kind first? I find it inspiring in today's world to notice all the good around us. One of the keys about remaining positive is looking around and se

Navigate The Inevitable | Dr. Asha Prasad
July 11, 2023

How do you navigate the constant waves of change in your life? It is ok to be fearful of the uncertainty but don't let it stop you. Join forces with others to help you overcome the hurdles and see ch