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VIP Lounge Episode 24 Podcast
August 29, 2017

With episode 24, we decided to move our podcast over to a chat / voice software named Discord. Discord is popular as “team speak” for gamers and after using it to coordinate some gaming opportunities, I thought that this might work for us.

VIP Lounge Episode 23 Podcast
August 24, 2017

Made it to episode 23. I apologize for the podcast being late a few days. With all the traveling we had planned plus I literally wanted to take a short nap before our scheduled recording and that backfired. When you decide,

VIP Lounge Episode 22 Podcast
August 15, 2017

Episode 22. Usually podcasts before and on the weekend of an event where we have to travel out of state from is tough. So much going on with prep and the actual event itself that I tend to either get really distracted or I just feel anxious. However,

VIP Lounge Episode 21 Podcast
August 08, 2017

I got really behind on getting this podcast out to you guys. My apologies. We recently released a new shirt so a lot of my attention has been focused to that over the past week and this morning I jumped into working on the shirts that I forgot to finis...

VIP Lounge Episode 20 Podcast
August 01, 2017

I say this everytime, but I can’t believe that we hit episode (insert number here). We started recording the podcast because of the gems I would hear when I would just have a conversation with close friends.

VIP Lounge Episode 19 Podcast
July 25, 2017

The most awkward podcast we have ever recorded but that is not a bad thing. Usually when we record the podcast, the four of us are sitting in our respective offices / rooms in different parts of the country.

VIP Lounge Episode 18 Podcast
July 18, 2017

Today we decided to go off the beaten path for us and discuss photography. I’ve been really into it in the past but it dropped off a bit. I even decided to change environments from Canon to Sony to change things up.

VIP Lounge Episode 17 Podcast
July 11, 2017

Just recently got back from Wekfest Seattle and I couldn’t believe just how tired I was. It honestly shows on this podcast with my voice plus some glaring mistakes I decided not to edit out. I had a great time in Seattle though.

VIP Lounge Episode 16 Podcast
July 04, 2017

Episode 16 was one for the memory banks. Today we brought on a very special guest, Agim Jones from Luxury Abstract. We were excited to bring him on and I decided to give the podcast to you in its rawest form. I just added the music and let it go.

VIP Lounge Episode 15 Podcast
June 27, 2017

Crazy how I had no voice just a few hours before we were slated to record this week’s episode. Just kinda kept it low key with some tea until it was time to record. This week’s episode we just went over the weekend we had at Wekfest San Jose.