The Vince and Bill Show

The Vince and Bill Show

Episode 24: Tornadoes and Fire

January 20, 2021

Ready to recommit in 2021? In this week's sermon, Vince looked at a passage in Acts 2, and asked some difficult-to-hear questions about the hearer's personal walk with God. In this podcast, Bill and Vince talk about his process in creating this sermon, and also dive deeper into each of the four questions.

Listen to the whole sermon here.

The four questions:

  1. Are we focused on God’s glory in all things right now?

  2. Are we passionate for the nations to glorify God through Good News?

  3. Are our daily lives consciously dependent on God’s Holy Spirit?

  4. Is it the daily desire of each member in our congregation to be a witness of Jesus to those who are lost?