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Classroom Creativity – Key To Education

September 20, 2021

Classroom Creativity - Key To Education ~  Episode 448
Classroom creativity is so much more than arts and crafts, yet with so many subjects to cover classroom creativity may be the last thing you as a parent think is important, especially in the home. Today along with my special guest, Chad Stewart we will learn that it is important to overall education.

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Today we are going to focus on the topic of Creativity my guest, today I want to introduce you to Chad Stewart also known to his readers as CR Stewart, the author of what is soon going to be a series of books you will want to collect for your home library. Visit as well as

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Our nation is in a crisis, and the lack of creativity is one of the areas that schools have failed our children. Schools not only do not give opportunities and most destroy the real love of learning. The importance of children who are encouraged to be creative, independent, and who are nurtured to learn fits in perfectly to the homeschool model.

He shared a Ted Talk on Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson. One of the most played Ted Talks of all time.

Key Points:

* Creativity is the single most important subject.
* Employers look for people who are creative.
* Introducing children to various experiences is key.
* Creativity is important for leaders, inventors, brainstorming, figuring out a crisis with options and ideas, and thinking outside of the box.

[Listen to the audio for the full broadcast.]

Currently, there are two books in the Britfield series with book three soon to be published. The exciting goal is to have seven books and seven movies upon completion of the series. The books take place in different countries, the first in England, and the second in France. [Chad shared all the books and countries they will cover on the podcast.] These are wholesome and engaging stories for the entire family.

About Chad Stewart:  A prolific writer, highly respected producer, creativity specialist, international consultant, and prominent speaker. Founder of the prestigious Devonfield L.L.C., a comprehensive company dedicated to the highest quality in film production, publishing, and education, Stewart’s areas of expertise are writing film and media production, global strategy, and international marketing.

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