Very British Futures

Very British Futures

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The Uninvited
June 01, 2021

When retired photojournalist Steve Blake sees a man die in a car explosion, then meets the same man the next day apparently unscathed, it is the beginning of a terrifying journey. The thread leads Blake and a woman called Melissa Gates to the mystery of t

Star Maidens
May 18, 2021

The rogue planet Medusa arrives in our solar system. Beneath its surface is an advanced alien civilisation where women rule and men are slaves. Adam and Shem steal a space yacht and travel to Earth, a paradise where it is rumoured that men are in charge a

The Tripods
May 04, 2021

Earth 2089. A time of peace and contentment thanks to the benevolent rule of the Tripods, huge machine beings who "cap" teenagers to make them productive adults. Yet, Will Parker believes there is something very wrong with the world, and together with his