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Velen's Chosen

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210 - Velen's Chosen: New Nerfs and Philosophies
January 14, 2020

This week we talk about the second round of nerfs to DoD, design insights by developer Dean "Iksar" Ayala, Casie_HS's Galakrond Warrior, and an interesting question posed by Blizzlet's Stormraige.  Casie_HS Galakrond Warrior Deck Code:  AAECAQcE+wz8sAPjt.

209 - Velen's Chosen: Are You on the Hearthstone Honor Roll?
January 08, 2020

This week Grant reviews Iksar's post about Ranked Floor percentiles, comments on community thoughts regarding Galakrond cards and walks you through a guide to to Jalexanderhs Highlander Rogue:  AAECAaIHHrQBsgLtAs0DrwSIB7T2Asf4At76AqCAA4+XA5CXA5KXA/uaA/6a.

208 - Velen's Chosen: Nerfing Shaman is Hard
December 19, 2019

This week Grant talks about the outcomes of the release of the Descent of Dragons expansion. We also get into the matter of the recent nerfs applied to some of the problem cards that immediately occurred upon release of the new set.  **pa.

207 - Velen's Chosen: A Wild Dilemma with James Corbett
November 28, 2019

This week Grant is joined by top tier Wild master: James Corbett! We go deep into the problems facing the Wild format and some possible solutions that will help improve the status quo. James Corbett's Reno Priest:  AAEBAa0GHgn7AZwCoQTlBO0F9gelCdIK0wrXCvI.

206 - Velen's Chosen: Getting Educated with Collins
November 24, 2019

This week Grant is joined by very special guest, top 10, Battlegrounds Master: EducatedCollins! We discuss the new updates to the format and go deep into the widely discussed MMR status quo. Join us for an awesome discussion! Make sure to follow Educated.

205 - Velen's Chosen: Battlegrounds Primer Part 1 - Selecting Your Hero
November 16, 2019

This week Grant kicks off a multi-part series that walks through the primary components of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. In Part 1 he provides an overview of all the heroes available in game and recommends tips, pro, and cons as to which hero to select at t.

204 - Velen's Chosen: News of All Kinds
November 10, 2019

This week Grant and Eve get super hyped over the release of Hearthstone Battlegrounds and the new expansion "Descent of Dragons!" Boy howdy! do we have a lot to discuss. Also, we have a very important announcement that you won't want to miss.  *velenscho.

203 - Velen's Chosen: Whoops Just Kidding
October 27, 2019

This week Grant and Eve discuss items and events in the Hearthstone news sphere that have either resolved or definitely need resolution. Namely Evolve Shaman, Sn1p Sn4p, and Blitzchung. Join us as we have a friendly conversation about some cards and even.

202 - Velen's Chosen: Serious Talk
October 13, 2019

This week Grant and Eve discuss the recent events that have transpired in the Hearthstone gaming sphere surrounding Blitzchung, Hong Kong protests, Blizzard's actions, and the community's response to it all. We get real but we try to put a positive spin .

201 - Velen's Chosen: It's Just Us
October 06, 2019

Greetings Visionaries! This week we're back to just Grant and Eve. This we talk the new changes coming to Standard! Additionally, we discuss a limited survey that Blizzard sent to Grant. Our deck of the week is: SilentNick's Wild Anyfin Paladin:  # AAEBA.