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Coaching Conversations Archives - Coaching Volleyball

Podcast 26 – Targeting greatness with Mark Lebedew

April 11, 2021

How does a player become not just good, but great? That's the starting point of this conversation with Mark Lebedew. We wander from that topic a bit, but it is the main focus. If you followed the original Coaching Conversations series, you know Mark was a regular feature in those discussions. He and I also did a podcast series for the Volleyball Coaching Wizards project. And, of course, you can follow Mark's writing on his blog.

In the conversation Mark and I talked about the idea of risk, which is something he's recently written about here. It ties in with the idea of decision-making that I outline in this post.

We also mention Mark's look at the Athletes Unlimited scoring system. There was a Weekly Buzz episode related to this as well.

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