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Coaching Conversations Archives - Coaching Volleyball

Podcast 19 – Thinking about growing the sport

February 21, 2021

Back in March 2020 one of the early Coaching Conversations was with Chuck Waddington from Angelo State on the topic of marketing. If you're in the college volleyball arena (or want to be), give it a listen. Chuck offers up some good info. Lately, I've been thinking about marketing in volleyball from a broader sense - perhaps a more global sense. How could a dedicated volleyball marketing effort, with good funding, move the sport forward? I ponder that question in this episode.

In the episode I mentioned my Coaching Conversation with the guys from the Volleyball League of American (VLA), and the MasterCoaches Weekly Buzz episode featuring Dave Shoji talking about a new women's pro league in the US. I also mentioned a blog post about setters motivated by a Bob Griese comment.

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