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Coaching Conversations Archives - Coaching Volleyball

Podcast 14 – How long should practices be?

January 17, 2021

Tim Alaniz joins me again for this episode, after also being with me on Episode 13. As you may recall, Tim is currently the assistant coach at Southwestern College, an NAIA school in Kansas. He and I worked together at Midwestern State and at Charleston Academy. Tim also previously took part in the Coaching Conversation on Training Youth Volleyball with Loren Anderson.

The topic of this conversation is how long we should run our practices.

Here are links related to some of what we talked about in the discussion:

* I previously wrote a blog post on this subject.* I also referenced some of Mark Lebedew's thoughts on the subject. Here are some of his posts on how long you should practice, understanding fatigue, and training load.* The Coaching Conversations I had with David Gil (and others) that I mention in the discussion are here, here, and here.* Here's some information on the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE).* The Coach Your Brains Out guys had a conversation with Stanford coach Kevin Hambly on RPE and related subjects.

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