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The Alignment Tribe Podcast

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From Hustle to Flow
March 12, 2021

Welcome to the newest episode of The Alignment Tribe Podcast. It’s time for you to go from being a determined but stressed entrepreneur to becoming a joyful and confident CEO! Announcing our 4 part mini-series “From Hustle to Flow” March 22-25,

Ep. 120 Creating Health and Vitality with Erin Chaves
March 05, 2021

Welcome to the newest episode of The Alignment Tribe Podcast. As you may know, every Monday inside our free community on Facebook, I do a training or coaching on mindset. I love having participants from our program come on and share their experience.

Ep. 119 Using Feminine Energy to Avoid Burnout
February 26, 2021

Today on The Alignment Tribe we’re talking about how to avoid burnout by tapping into your feminine energy in your business. Focusing on your feminine energy will help you avoid burnout and overwhelm. We’ve been told that the the only way to grow,

Ep. 118 Upleveling Your Identity with Kevin Kwan
February 19, 2021

Today on The Alignment Tribe Podcast, Kristine is interviewing Kevin Kwan, the creative force behind Conversion Kevin. He’s a copyrighting content expert and coach and Kristine is the mindset expert for Kevin’s clients.

Ep. 117 Meet Your Superconscious
February 12, 2021

Welcome back to the The Alignment Tribe Podcast. I was inspired to create today’s episode out of some experiences I’ve been having lately where I’ve been able to really break free from the limiting beliefs, the negative emotions, the old stories,

Ep. 116 Becoming the Star Player in Your Life with Cheryl Dornberg
February 05, 2021

Hello, welcome back to the podcast this week. Once again, we’re doing a very special guest interview. This interview is with Cheryl Dornberg, she’s a member of Align & Design Your Life, and the reason I wanted to have Cheryl come onto the show is becau...

Ep. 115: Is comparison stealing your joy? Feat. Karen Aerts
January 29, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast today. I’m super excited to have a very, very special guest and she gets two varies because she’s my twin sister, Karen Aerts, and she’s also a new coach inside our program. She has developed amazing coaching around habits a...

Ep. 114: How to Release Your Limiting Beliefs with Daina Gardiner
January 22, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! I am thrilled to be sharing with you today one of the stories from another member of our Align + Design Your Life program, Daina Gardiner. Coming into Align + Design Your Life, she was able to discover what it was that was ...

Ep. 113 5 Keys to Manifesting Your Best Outcomes
January 15, 2021

Welcome back back to the podcast, I hope you’re having a fantastic start to the year 2021. I was able to take off some time around the holidays and I really was feeling the flow of the new moon and was reminded that winter is a great time to rest and r...

Ep. 112 Embracing Your Knowing with Hana Dhanji
January 08, 2021

Welcome to the newest episode of The Alignment Tribe Podcast. Today, I am speaking with a friend of mine from my mastermind, Hana Dhanji, and I loved this interview so much because Hana really touches on what it means to listen to your own knowing.