Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Up and Adam - A BerganKDV Podcast

Exploring Merger and Acquisition Strategy

October 22, 2020

Loren Viere, BerganKDV Shareholder and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and Gary Hawkins, BerganKDV Shareholder and Kansas City Market Leader join Adam to discuss the 2018 acquisition between BerganKDV and HSMC Orizon and the overall landscape of M&A in the industry. BerganKDV has been on a strong growth path for many years, and in addition to organic growth, a prong of this growth is participating in strategic merger and acquisitions.

A key strategy when identifying M&A can be market driven, as the firm looks to expand into additional geographies, but at the end of the day the culture fit between the firms is the driving factor. They share that the question all organizations should ask themselves on the cusp of a merger or acquisition is: "is this decision going to make us better". Once that question is answered, the rest has an opportunity to fall into place.

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